Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working again................

I'm not sure what happened or where things went wrong but, they have. I have just started working for 2 companies. One is an internet book company and the other is the doctors office I have worked for my entire working life (13 years before I had Kenny). I am loving it and feel like I am on top of the world..........that's where the issue lies.

I feel like a contributing part of the family again. I feel like I am accomplishing so much now that I am earning a paycheck again. I'm not sure where things have gone wrong in this world but, I think it is crummy that I didn't feel like I was contributing enough by staying home and taking care of our youngest child. Family is, under God, the most important thing there is and here I am feeling like a failure because I am not getting a paycheck to do so.

I think it sucks that our worth is measured by our paychecks as opposed to OUR TRUE VALUE! I love my kids and husband and try and be a good person but, that isn't enough!

There, now ya know.